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In the previous article, Let’s find some lane lines we addressed a simple scenario. There was nice weather, almost empty and straight highway. In reality, the environment is more complicated. Let’s solve a more complex problem step by step.

Before we start any serious analysis of a video, we need to be sure the video is accurate. We, humans, have a wonderful vision out of the box. It’s perfectly tuned by nature. What about “artificial eyes” — cameras?

The first invented camera was the Obscura Camera. The principal difference between Obscura and modern cameras are lenses. Lenses create an interesting…


Recognizing lanes on the road is one of the essential tasks which human drivers perform well. It’s possible because nature with evolution gifted us perfect sensors. Autonomous systems are only at the beginning of their epoch. It’s a non-trivial task for any robot to read and interpret data about the world around them. Computer Vision tries to eliminate the gap between us, humans, and robots.

The goal of the project is to recognize lanes on the road with some limitations:

  • The recognition isn’t real-time.
  • There’re good weather conditions. It’s a sunny day.
  • The car is moving along a straight line…

Alexander Stadnikov

Software Developer. I’m interested in the next human evolution through technologies.

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